'And everything written in sign language is poetry'

(from shop fronts, placards and advertising hoardings on walks between Holborn and Highgate Road circa mid-90s)



(Buslingthorpe Lane LS7 & Headingley April 2015)

(i thought you might also like to see where some of the source images came from)


Another page from the dummy copy of my masterwork 'How to explain pictures to an angry bird', which deals with animal archetypes in popular entertainment as well as their parallels in so-named high art. Support for its publication was unfortunately withdrawn with the termination of my brief tenure as senior lecturer in Cultural Studies at Brentwood College of Social Science. However, the need to spread the word as to the performance art genius of Rod Hull in particular continues, and I have submitted the chapter from which this excerpt is taken for consideration in the Stafford Rangers matchday programme for their forthcoming fixture with Spalding United.